AWS Active Founders Credit

I’ve signed up with AWS in 2015 and all of my free-tire credits are exhausted few years ago. But that didn’t stop me for using AWS with my own money.

I am running three different websites all hobby projects in four t3.small EC2 instances with one RDS instance in similar t3.small instance, one Application Load Balancer, ECS and using few other services. On average I was paying around $100(+-$10) in every month.

Few months ago I learned about AWS Active program, which actually help developers and startups to by allowing them to use AWS services and resources freely by providing…

There are a lot of brands and models for Laptops and most of them are very good brands.

A Front-page interface from

When its time to buy a laptop, we are often very confused. There are a lot of brands and models for Laptops and most of them are very good brands.

Technical specifications are also changing very fast and not everyone can stay updated.

Based on the data from Google and, at least a total of 30,000+ people search every month with what laptop they should buy?

To help these people to find the best laptop for them, offered a Laptop Finder tool, which systematically asks a few questions to the visitor and suggests related laptops.

The visitor now…

By signing up to become a Product Advertising API developer, you join the tens of thousands of developers who are already realizing financial gains by creating Product Advertising API-driven applications and web stores

Amazon recently published its Amazon Product Advertising API v5.0 for Amazon Affiliate Program. From 31st October 2019, previous version 4.0 of API will be taken down and only v5.0 will be supported to access Amazon products programmatically.

For this Amazon PA-API 5.0, Amazon has released an SDK for PHP, NodeJs, Python and, Java.

Amazon PA-API 5.0 SDK for NodeJS is not available in NPM and requires a lot of configuration. So, I build an NPM package amazon-pa-api50 to simplify the use of this SDK.

Utilize your time by listening to these podcasts and stay productive

Podcasts are one of the best media to keep you updated on your interest because when you listening, you can work on other tasks as well, e.g driving, shower or working, etc.

Credit: Pixabay

My commute to the office involves driving for 1 hour in each direction on a regular day. Finding parking is another 15-minute add-on in the process. Every week, 2/3 days will have an unusual traffic situation in Kuala Lumpur and that will add a minimum of more 30 minutes.

In summary, each week I lose around 11.25+ hours by dring or sitting on traffic. …


Why Docker

Docker came with the idea of bundling your source code with the software and operating systems they depend on and zip them into a container.

Rather than building different environment for development, testing, staging, and production; build only the container and develop the full solution here and at the end, deploy the container only.

This idea of container-based development and deployment blow away the IT industry. Organizations started to move the source code to container and deploy. Life is much easier than before.

But handling number of containers still remains a problem to solve. …

Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

For my PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Linux, based web app development, I used to use Vagrant. Vagrant was much easier than a VirtualBox in terms of performance and reusability. But the tech industry is moving toward Docker, so did I move.

UPDATE: Please use this new repo and Follow the new article linked bellow.

New Repository: Laravel Docker App

Please follow this article instead: A Complete Docker based development environment for Laravel & PHP



I started with a famous Docker image Laradock

After planning to move my development environment from Vagrant to Docker, for many months I used Laradock for my personal practice…

Cowin E8 Over-ear Headphone /

The time we can spend and budget we can effort to run a Reviewing site is not so impressive. That's what keeps us slow in But we got some good friends like, who offered us 2 sample headphones for the honest review about them. One of the copy is Cowin E8 Over-ear Wireless, Active Noise Canceling Headphone.

You might or might not hear about Cowin because they are not a big brand like Boss, Sennheiser, Sony, Audio Technica, etc. But they are good and growing. … is the biggest Open Source and Private Source code repository currently the world have now and it was down for few hours as reported by The Github Blog.


As the Github Blog reported after around 8 hours from the incident, many of their servers experienced issues in network partitions and in MySQL Database.

Due to this the website was showing outdated data and developers had experience issues to push git commits to the github repos.

Read the full news Github was down because of data storage failure, to know the status of Issues, Pull Requests, Public and Private open source projects and repositories.

As a software engineer and person in IT profession, I always wanted to have my own website or own products. I started my career in IT in 2006 and had multiple failed attempts until 2016.

I don’t want to be a millionaire, but I just want to have a product of my own, which might help few people or at least satisfy my mind.

Book Rich Dad Poor Dad inspired me

One of my ex-colleague wasn’t failing like me and I saw him leaving his settled job and to start his own startup. …

Bhairab Bazar is a small town in a relatively left behind country named Bangladesh. Thats the city where I was born and brought up.

When I was in school, main concern of my parents and relatives was, if I am doing good in my study and its not an isolated event, rather it was a nation wide phenomenon.

Did I made them happy?

No, I am not that kind of person, rather I was a loner type of kid. …

Ariful Haque

Software Engineer | Founder of | Enthusiast Photographer and Astronomer

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